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What's Your Definition of Success?

By: Dr. Jasmin

Society has caused many of us to think of being successful as being financially successful. If you look around, those that live in nice houses, drive nice cars, go on extravagant vacations, are the type of people most people admire and consider to be successful.

Interestingly however, that definition of success does not mean that one is happy. One may appear to be happy, but what’s really going on may be a very different story. I have known many, who despite having “it all” and being financially well off, were miserable. So, if you are wealthy and, on the outside, seem to be successful, yet are miserable deep down inside, would you still consider yourself to be a success? I would not. To me success means several things. Included in my definition is that you do work that you enjoy, and you have people in your life that you love, and that in return love you, that you can trust, rely on and enjoy spending time with.

Now I’ not trying to paint a picture that money isn’t a good thing. I think money is great, and if one of your goals is financial freedom, I support it all the way. The point that I am making is that if you have a lot of money, but you lack people in your life that you love, and that care about you, and you aren’t enjoying life despite all the material possessions…you may be financially successful, but I wouldn’t consider that being successful in life. Think of that person who makes a ton of money, but hates what they do, that person is not a success to me. I would much rather have that person transition into something they loved even if it meant cutting back on their lifestyle a bit.

It is also important to get flat on what your definition of success is, not society’s, not your family’s, not your friend’s, but your definition. If you follow other people’s definition of success, you will likely find yourself unhappy, feeling stuck and seeing no way out. What I’ve also seen is that those who have listened and allowed the opinions of others to overtake theirs, feel lost and unsure about what it is that they really want.

Once you get clear about your definition of success, use it guide you. For example, if you have a goal or project you’re working towards, you can check in: is this in line with my definition of success? Will this get me to accomplish or will this get me closer to what I consider to be successful? I encourage you to move forward creating a life that you want, and that would have you consider yourself to be a success, regardless of what others think. For additional support with getting unstuck, overcoming fear and going for what it is that you want, be sure to click on the free intake session link and schedule a session with me.

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