Do You Have an Abundance or a Scarcity Mindset?

Years ago, after I finished dental school, I remember seeing this building in San Francisco that was full of dentists. I remember thinking how are these dentists surviving? There must be extreme competition, especially since there were many general dentists and even several of the same type of specialists.

I also remember speaking to one of the dentists that practice in that building, and he told me that it works out. They are all able to bring patients and they all excel at different things. He for example did great work with crowns and veneers. He also said he did not enjoy working on dentures and would refer those cases to one of his colleagues in the building. It actually helped him to have other dentists in the building as his denture patients, didn’t have to go to some unknown location and found it convenient. This dentist was clearly coming from an abundance mindset.

Let’s look now at the scarcity mindset. In the beginning of my coaching career, I remember a coach that started becoming very competitive with me once I started getting some success. It weirded me out, because I had actually helped her in her business by connecting her to valuable resources, and even her clients based on her specific expertise. I realized however that she was coming from a scarcity mindset which meant that she thought there were only so many clients, and if many were hiring me as their coach, then there wouldn’t be enough left for her. I don’t believe this at all. I believe that you can have 10 coaches stand in a row, and we will attract different clients based on our methods, the vibe and energy we give off etc. Her energy got so toxic that I decided to cut ties with her.

A scarcity mindset will create competition in a negative way, where you don’t want others to succeed, and are unhappy when they do. An abundance mindset however, thinks that when someone else succeeds that great, this achievement then is also an option for me. Let’s say that your friend got a job that she really wanted, and maybe even you were eying this job. Instead of being jealous (scarcity mindset), you can be happy for your friend, thinking that she got a job she really wanted. Seeing her success can help you think, if the right job is out there for her, then what people want is out there…including for you.

Your life will be a lot more enjoyable once you shift to an abundance mindset, and you also tend to be more successful in life. For help with creating this shift, click on the link for a free intake session.

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