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Have You Not Been Able to Reach Your Goal?

We get frustrated when we put effort towards a goal, and still don’t reach it. We start trying to make sense out of why we are not able to get results. Maybe we say it’s because we are somehow defective, lack the skills, or simply put are just not good enough. These however are excuses and worse, these justifications keep us stuck.

As with most things, the first thing to do when it comes to getting a different result, is to get a mindset shift. Once we believe the achievement is possible, and we have no mental blocks towards the goal, we can get into consistent action mode.

This brings me to the second point, and the actual focus of this article. Many complain that they aren’t progressing or reaching their goal, despite doing whatever it takes. Truthfully however they are not doing whatever it takes. They are not giving it 100%. I myself have been guilty of this, and chose to shift things, in order to get results. Putting in 80%, 90% or even 99% of effort doesn’t cut it. Give it a 100%!

One of the things I pride myself on, is that my clients get results. Naturally then, it bothered me when I had a client that wasn’t getting the momentum I usually see. When I asked her if she was doing everything as assigned (which by the way was not a lot), she assured me that she was. Upon further introspection, we both agreed that she was not doing it exactly as assigned. She was putting

some effort towards the goal, but still doing it her own way.

Interestingly in this example, as is true with many people, we fool ourselves that we are following a program exactly and giving it our all, when we really are not. On top of it, we become upset that despite our effort, we have not been able to get the desired result. So, check in with yourself, have you really been doing it exactly as assigned? If for example you are working on a weight loss goal and you’re supposed to eat high quality organic meats and vegetables that are home cooked, are you doing exactly that? Or do you think it’s okay to buy meat that’s not so high quality, and maybe order takeout, instead of home cooking your meal? All of this can make a difference towards your goal.

Ask yourself, what is your commitment? Are you committed to continuing doing things your own way? If so, get ready to get the same outcome as you have been getting. If you’re ready to actually make it happen, it’s time to commit 100% and do it as assigned. For more help getting unstuck, and getting on track to give a goal 100%, click on the link for a free intake section on the main blog page or the home page. I look forward to making a real difference with you.

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