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To Persist or Surrender?

You may have heard statements such that persistence is the key to success. While I agree for the most part, there are also times when it’s time to give up on a goal, and move on. You might be surprised to hear me say that, and so to help make this clearer, I’ll give some examples below.

I know someone that had created a business and his business was not doing well after 2 years. Many told him to quit, because by now they thought, there should be some profit. He however, would not give up. He was passionate about the service he provided, and while being frustrated, kept persisting. His business started to make profit, which has steadily increased every year. His persistency paid off, in part because he was clear that this is something he wanted to do for, and was aligned with him and his mission.

There are however other occasions, where it’s time to let go. I knew someone that had applied to dental school for years in a row, unable to gain admission. She finally stopped applying and focusing on another career path. After speaking to her for some time, it became clear that she was so eager to get accepted and become a dentist, because it meant approval from her parents. She also thought it would give her a certain level of status. In her case, letting go of becoming a dentist, was the right move. Knowing what I know about dentistry, that field does not seem to be the right fit for her. More importantly, the reason she was doing it was not because it was something she was passionate about, but because it would please other people. Fortunately, she is doing well now in her business, and is glad that she stopped pursuing dentistry.

My point with all this is that yes, persistence is important for success and a major player in making your goals and dreams come true. However, we should get clear on what our purpose for this goal is in the first place. Get clear that if it’s to gain approval, and respect from others for example. If it’s not something that you want for you, based on your passion, your purpose, then you’re likely wasting your time. It is then best to direct your attention towards something that speaks to your heart. Once you become clear on that, even if obstacle present themselves, stay on track and focus on your passion and purpose for this goal. For help getting to the true purpose behind your goals, and obtaining clarity, click on the link for a free intake session.

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