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Do Affirmations Work?

By: Dr. Jasmin

I get asked this question a lot, especially from new and prospective clients. The short answer is yes. The longer answer is, affirmations work and are powerful, especially if they are done in addition to release work. You may wonder what is release work? I consider release work to be anything that helps release the subconscious beliefs/blocks that you have. Two powerful tools that cause release work that I’ve seen to be effective over and over again, are Mental Emotional Release and Hypnotherapy.

Let me explain this further. Let’s say for example you have a belief that is, that you are not good enough. For some this belief is buried so deep down that consciously they not aware of it and for others, they have some awareness of it. In this case if your affirmation, which is a phrase that is stated in the positive that you tell yourself every day, may be I am good enough.

The problem is that if you tell yourself with the affirmation that you are good enough, but the subconscious belief of not being good enough is not released, then the subconscious belief keeps bumping up against the affirmation, and you won’t get very far. For some if they have said an affirmation long enough, it may make an impact. What I’ve seen working with clients in terms of getting results is that when you do release work and then the affirmations, it takes it to a whole other level.

I am not surprised when new clients or prospective clients tell me that they have been doing affirmations for months, and still have not seen much of a result. Again, the issue in those cases is that the subconscious belief/mental block has not been released, and until it is, the negative belief will keep showing up. If you need support releasing beliefs that don’t serve you, be sure to schedule a free intake session with me. I provide a lot of value during this session and talk to you about ways that you can achieve results.

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