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Are You Always in a Rush?

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

If we are being honest with ourselves, most will agree that we are often in a rush. Not just in the mornings, but even with our life overall. We are trained to rush to the next thing. When we are in school, many of us don’t want to waste time and so we are focused on graduating on time and getting a job. Later some of us rush into getting married, followed by buying a house, kids, etc.

There is always the next thing, and we want to get to it as fast as possible. The problem with hurrying is that we don’t enjoy the present moment. Instead we feel stressed and anxious about conquering what's next, and start to feel burned out.

Besides the added anxiety, and stress, hastening to complete things can also have some dangerous results. I remember when I had my car brakes worked on. My mechanic is good at what he does, but this particular time he was in a rush. As I was driving my car the next day, I noticed that it was shaking. I called him and he exclaimed, do not move, I’m coming to where you are. He later told me, as soon as I called, he realized that he forgot to tighten the bolts of my wheels. This meant that I was driving with 4 loose wheels! I was shaken up about it, because I realized that I could have died, or potentially hurt or killed someone else.

I felt extremely fortunate and grateful that nothing happened to me or anyone else. I also realized how detrimental being in a hurry can be. And even if the consequences are much smaller, rushing in general leads to more mistakes.

One thing you can do to help you get out of this mode, is to create an intention for the day before you start your day. Also avoid looking at your phone during the first hour of the morning. Many have formed the habit of checking our phone, as soon as we get up. The problem with this, is that we read texts and emails, and then the day starts to run us. If we however create our intentions for the day, have a plan, and then look at our phone, we are more likely of running the day, instead of it running us. Try it out and let me know how it goes. For more support, click the link for a free intake session where I’ll help you create some great habits for success.

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