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Get Unstuck And Accomplish What You Want In Life

Get a career that you love,  Heal from heartbreak as well as negative thoughts, Get the relationship you want, Overcome fears and phobias, and Be able to excel in any area of life.

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Are you unhappy about a particular area of your life and feel stuck?​​

Are you ready and hungry to create what you want?

Are you coachable?

Are you frustrated because you've tried other things before and did not get results?

If You Answered Yes! To The Above, I Am Here To Help!

About Dr. Jasmin

Dr. Jasmin holds a  Bachelor's Degree in Integrative Biology, and has a Doctorate of Dental Surgery. She

went on to become a Master Certified Practitioner of Neurolinguistic ProgrammingHypnotherapy 

and Mental Emotional Release. Her work focuses on helping people get past deep (often hidden) blocks, so that they are then able to reach their goals and make measurable changes in their lives. 

Develop Your Success!

In order to get results and achieve your goals, you must get to the bottom of what's been stopping you. The reality is, that we do not see our own blindspots and sabotaging behavior.  Save yourself decades of trial and error with a coach who can get you results!  Remove those roadblocks,  explore my process and get ready to achieve your desires! 

  • Learn about your beliefs and programs that have stopped you from getting what you want. 

  • Discover why certain areas of your life aren't working despite your best efforts.

  • Get rid of emotional baggage.

  • Live a fulfilling life that is true to who you are.

My Services

With a Results Coach, stop making excuses and start discovering the resources, tools, strategies and distinctions available so you can reach the goals you’ve put off for years.


A complimentary consultation where we will discover

45 Minutes

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Learn more by booking your FREE Intake Session first.

1 Hour

Articles & Blogs

More Testimonials:

“Best coach and used excellent techniques that created an effective result in me immediately. She’s patient and takes her time to provide an effective solution. I feel that I could tell her anything without being judged. I recommend her to anyone who’s experiencing challenges in their lives.”

Michelle A.

“I had my very first session of hypnotherapy with doctor Jasmin. I was very satisfied and I have overcome my anxiety for the most part. Ever since I had my first session, this really changed my life, my mental attitude, mental state and work..

Maria N.

“I highly recommend Dr. Jasmin coaching. She has helped me with anxiety and discovering some limiting beliefs and took me through her coaching journey to have this disappeared completely. I am much clearer now since my sessions with her. Thank you Dr. Jasmin”

Erick C.

Workshop Testimonials

I rediscovered today my passion for wanting to become a mentor to people on their path to their true self. Dr. Jasmin's subconcious work re-opened something for me that was buried very deep in my subconscious. I wouldn't have thought about that and how passionate I am about it without this work today at the workshop.


Anna H.

Dr. Jasmin is an amazing speaker and motivator, instilling positive energy in her clients and I highly recommend her sessions


Nithya K.

I was able to open my eyes to positive change in my life and learn to be myself and not afraid of growth.


Adelaida R.

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