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Are you unhappy about a particular area of
your life and
feel stuck?​​

Are you ready to be empowered and
create what you want?

Are you coachable?

Do you want more joy and gratitude in your life?

If you answered
Yes! to the above,
I am here to help!

Hi! I am Dr. Jasmin,
I am a master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Mental Emotional Release and Hypnotherapy. By utilizing these powerful techniques, change and a lasting impact are created in your life! 

Develop Your Success!

In order to get results and achieve goals, you must be committed and willing to grow.  Even if you are committed,  you tend not to be able to see all your blindspots and sabotaging behavior on your own.  Save yourself decades of trial and error with a coach who can get you results!  Remove those roadblocks,  explore my process and get ready to conquer your challenges! 

  • Manifest your true desires

  • Have a career that fulfills you

  • Take charge of your life so that you get out of that vicious cycle

  • Speak your truth and be confident in your own skin

Anna H.

I rediscovered today my passion for wanting to become a mentor to people on their path to their true self. Dr. Jasmin's subconcious work re-opened something for me that was buried very deep in my subconscious. I wouldn't have thought about that and how passionate I am about it without this work today at the workshop.

Nithya K.

 Dr.Jasmin is an amazing speaker and motivator, instilling positive energy in her clients and I highly recommend her sessions

Adelaida R.

 I was able to open my eyes to positive change in my life and learn to be myself and not afraid of growth.

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