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"I wasn't even aware of my subconscious patterns and Dr. Jasmin had me break many patterns that were holding me back in my life. There were things that I could not get myself to do that I am now doing. Many fears had me stopped from doing what I wanted and since my session with her I've overcome those fears. She is so very committed to my results and whenever I need a follow up she made herself available to me."


"I wanted to work on my dating life! She introduced some powerful and systematic techniques to help me get to the root of the problems. Like approach anxiety, confidence, heart breaks and many more.  She was non-judgmental so I felt comfortable being vulnerable around her.

As a result I got fresh courage and confidence that launched me forward to go after of my dreams. I highly appreciate Jasmin's sense of commitment, kindness and her generosity of time. She was so committed to see my breakthrough!"


"I did a discovery session with Dr. Jasmin and it changed my outlook on things amazingly.  I am someone who is out to make a difference in the world.  I am running for public office for my third time and had some anxiety about it.  Jasmin was able to show me there was no anxiety and I can be myself as I saw my timeline unfold.  I came up with the conclusion that it’s simple and saw things as “it’s simple”.  After our conversation I made a video that was of full self expression and about our freedom.  In the morning I saw cleaning my room as “it’s simple” and got a part clean in 10 minutes that I have been putting off for a month.  I recommend Dr. Jasmin and will be using her services in the future.  Especially when elected."


"Thank you, Dr. Jasmin for helping me with my anxiety. I appreciate you working with me long-distance to help me overcome anxiety and fear after leaving an awful work situation and starting a new job. It's amazing how Dr. Jasmin's technique helped me release the anxiety that had the potential to sabotage my next steps. Your professionalism and thoughtfulness shined through.

Your committment to your clients; the people who trust you, is apparent and I am better for it. THANK YOU!"


"Did you ever have an annoying argument with a friend for the past 2/3 years? No, not you? That's ok, that was me. It was stressful, blocked my creativity, second guessed myself, and made me feel like my ideas were not worth listening. Enter Dr. Jasmin. I've actually known Dr. Jasmin for sometime and when she recommend a 15 minute session, I accepted. I cannot tell you how clarifying the session was for me. So many years of stress suddenly didn't seem so all consuming. I had a follow up with Dr. Jasmin that made me feel like she really cared about my well being. I really recommend talking to Dr. Jasmin. We all need self-care and Dr. Jasmin is the just the person to help."


"I tried breakthrough coaching with Dr.Jasmin after my friend highly recommended her and told me that I'll get results. It's my first time trying this type of coaching and I was really sceptical. I have been trying to get back into my ideal fitness shape and kept paying for my gym membership but would not go consistently and kept sabotaging my health and fitness any time I made progress. After the breakthrough session, we had weekly sessions for a short while just to make sure I am working towards my goal.  I have since then lost weight, am eating much healthier, am more energized, gained muscle mass plus I am working out 5 days a week!  I'm amazed as I've never done this before and didn't even realize I was sabotaging myself. 

I definitely got a breakthrough. Thank you Dr. Jasmin!"


"Terrific work! I met Jasmin and intended to have a small shift in dating world. I haven't been dating for 8 years and moved to US several years ago. After sessions working on my beliefs and emotions about dating, I met a Brazilian woman on a plance and went on a date the next day spent 5 hours together going to dinner and a rooftop bar. I never asked a woman out that I just mete for the first time in my whole life. Great life!!


"Thank you Dr Jasmin JM for helping me remove my mental blocks so I was able to purchase my dream home  and taking time to help me cleanse the energy of my New Home  thank you for all that you do"


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