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How to Stop Others From Making You Feel Bad

By Ivan Kiki from

There are people whose way of being or attitudes, even if they are our close friends, can come to throw us off balance. Those people create storms themselves and get angry when it rains… Are there in your environment people who constantly criticize you? People, who say that you are incapable of certain things, demoralize you and make you feel bad? Here’s how to behave towards them! The destructive criticism. The criticism is positive as long as it has a constructive goal and helps us repair a mistake or to grow. However, some people only criticize for the pleasure of criticizing and causing harm to others. If we want to shield our self-esteem, we must learn to ignore those criticisms. Once you have detected a person like that, who only makes destructive criticisms, stop worrying about what she thinks about you. After all, opinions of that person will not allow you to grow but will only serve to destabilize you. Useless comparisons. We all have an innate tendency to compare. In fact, it is one of the basic operations of thought, thanks to which we can draw conclusions. However, some people resort to comparisons to manipulate us emotionally. These are people who are never satisfied and always compare our decisions, behaviors or attitudes with others, to make us feel bad. Obviously, if you know someone who always belittles your achievements. It is convenient that you learn to turn a deaf ear to their opinions. Unnecessary worries. We all worry, but there are people who are true professionals when looking for reasons to worry. These are people who always have a problem for each solution. The people who focus on the negative aspects and are always looking for catastrophes or misfortunes. Obviously, we don’t need someone like that in our life. It is not about adopting a naive optimism that will not take us anywhere, but surrounding ourselves with people who only see the negative will end up depressing and discouraging us, plunging us into a state in which we only expect the worst. Therefore, it is better to learn to ignore that type of people. Unnecessary insecurities. The experts for absolutely everything. They always have something to say and are responsible for minimizing our opinion, making us feel insignificant. These people generate a deep insecurity, which ends up undermining our self-confidence and can plunge us into a state of an emotional blockage that prevents us from fulfilling our dreams. Therefore, try to ignore such comments and attitudes. Especially when they don’t have a deep knowledge of the situation at their base, and they don’t serve to help you build the project you are considering. The wrong guiltiness. There are people who see the straw in the eye of others but aren’t able to perceive the beam in their own eye. These people often resort to the feeling of guilt to manipulate us. They make us feel really bad about ourselves. To the point that they can make us their slaves because our state of mind and decisions are subject to their wishes. These are people who claim continuously and who are never satisfied. Obviously, it is fundamental to learn to ignore those attempts to blame us, and not to fall into their web. What do you get when you learn to ignore harmful attitudes? When you learn to ignore all these attitudes, you realize that you can listen to your inner dialogue more strongly. You can connect with your deepest “me” to discover what it is that you really want. When you stop worrying so much about what others think about you, you begin to discover what you really love. At the same time, you fill yourself with the energy that you didn’t know before. Because, the attitudes of these people claimed a lot of your psychological resources, limited resources that you can now dedicate to yourself, to grow as a person and to follow your dreams.

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